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Derek Winterbottom - Author and Historian.

Foreign travel has been a major interest. Highlights include:

Educational delegation to Moscow, Leningrad and Riga, USSR, 1966; visit to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Holy Land researching the Crusades, 1966; in Czechoslovakia when Russians invaded, 1968; research on palaces of Ludwig II of Bavaria, 1968; tour of South African private schools, 1969; took Clifton Ist VIII to race in Bordeaux as part of Bristol-Bordeaux celebrations, 1970; watched World Rowing Championships in Canada, 1970.

Climbed Kilimanjaro and escaped from Idi Amin's Uganda, 1971; tour of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, 1972, and Caribbean Islands 1973; Lecture research in Rome, Florence, Assisi, Ravenna, Siena, 1974; and cathedrals and abbeys in Normandy 1975; safari to Okavango Swamps, Botswana, 1976; best man at wedding in Ottawa cathedral and subsequent extensive tour of Canada and USA, 1978.

Lecture research in Florence and in Spain 1980, and in Provence and Languedoc 1981; watched World Rowing Championships in Switzerland 1982, coach of English junior crew for Anglo-French rowing match in Mantes-la-Jolie, France, 1983; research visit to west and east Berlin, 1984, and the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, 1985; tour of Hong Kong, Canton, Australia and Japan, 1986; research on the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul and also the Gallipoli campaign, 1987.

Research on the Habsburg Empire in Vienna and Budapest, 1988; tour of the former East Germany 1990, visit to the Iguacu Falls and Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1990, research on the Normans in Sicily, 1993. Round-the-world trip to New Zealand via Canada, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, 2001. Research on European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg 2002. Visit to historic sites in Poland (Gdansk, Warsaw, Cracow) 2005. Tour of eastern Canada, 2009, and Baltic capitals, 2011, Alaska, 2013, Northern India, 2014, Cambodia and Vietnam, 2015.

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